Fancy Pink Diamond 7.93 CARATS

Phillips will present its first sale of Jewellery and Jadeite in Hong Kong on 28 November 2016. Comprising 159 lots, the sale features an extraordinary range of important diamonds, rare coloured stones, jadeite, signed antique and contemporary jewels of the highest quality. Taking place at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, the sale comprises jewels and gemstones ranging from US$3,000 to $3 million.

Terry Chu, Head of Jewellery, Phillips Asia: “We are pleased to offer an exceptional array of diamonds, coloured diamonds, gemstones, jadeite and signed antique pieces in this important first sale. Adopting a boutique approach, our offerings are brought together to embody design, heritage and quality. We believe this carefully selected group of contemporary pieces as well as vintage examples will have strong appeal with the refined tastes of collectors in Asia today.”

Rare Diamonds and Precious Stones
Fancy coloured diamonds are highly coveted by jewellery collectors and pink diamonds are particularly sought-after in the current market. The sale is led by an important and rare pear-shaped Fancy Pink Diamond of 7.93 carats (estimate: HKD 22,000,000 – 26,000,000). The high-grade clarity of this pure pink stone accentuates the spectacular saturation of pink hues, devoid of secondary orange or purple colour, a trait so often found in fancy diamonds of this calibre. The sale also features a selection of pure colourless diamonds, led by a 10.23-carat diamond ring by the house of Harry Winston (estimate: HKD 7,000,000 – 8,500,000). From the colour and clarity to the cut, this stone boasts the highest GIA grading with an internally flawless structure (type IIa). It is a fine example of a perfect rectangular step-cut diamond ring.

Rubies are among the most important gems in the jewellery auction market, and will take centre stage this season at Phillips. The coloured gemstones category will be led by a pair of stellar Burmese ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ Ruby and Diamond Earrings, showcasing 9 carats of rubies framed by brilliant diamonds (estimate HKD 4,500,000 – 6,000,000). A further highlight is a magnificent Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring by Cartier Paris (estimate: HKD 2,400,000 – 3,000,000). With a centre stone weighing 4.61 carats, the resplendent vermillion of the ruby, a signifier of prosperity in the East, is brilliantly showcased.

Vivid and intensely saturated sapphires from Kashmir have set the highest standards for the blue stone, with fine quality sapphires weighing over 5 carats becoming increasingly rare. The sale includes a stunning Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring of 9.11 carats (estimate: HKD 5,500,000 – 6,500,000). Burma is not only renowned for producing the best rubies in the world, but also superlative sapphires of the highest quality, exemplified by the Impressive Burmese Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet, which features sapphires weighing a combined 67.21 carats (estimate: HKD 2,300,000 – 3,000,000).

Important Jadeite
Phillips has assembled an impressive selection of jadeite jewellery for its first sale in Hong Kong, representing the importance of this category in Asia. Among the highlights is an Elegant Jadeite Bead and Diamond Necklace (estimate: HKD 10,000,000 – 13,000,000). Creating a jadeite piece of this calibre requires exceptional artistry, with 65 luminescent beads ranging from 10.64 mm to 8.04 mm in diameter and accentuated by a fine diamond clasp. The high quality and timeless design of this necklace make it a treasured addition to any jadeite collection. A further highlight is a very fine pair of Jadeite “Peapod” and Diamond Earrings crafted from deep green jade (estimate: HKD 5,200,000 – 6,500,000). In Chinese culture, the peapod signifies fortune and prosperity.

A Striking Selection of Classic Brooches
The impressive selection of brooches is led by a magnificent Belle Époque Emerald, Natural Pearl and Diamond Brooch (estimate: HKD 8,000,000 – 9,500,000). The craftsman has employed revolutionary platinum techniques to form the intricate butterfly setting that encases the natural Colombian emerald. Jewellery from the Belle Époque, French for ‘Beautiful Era’, is characterised by complexly designed and graceful metalwork. Belle Époque jewels often capture the spirit of nature, employing motifs of butterflies, floral wreathes and ribbons.

Among other vintage jewels in the sale is an Antique Diamond and Ruby ‘Leaf’ Brooch crafted in the late 19th century by the house of Boucheron (estimate: HKD 65,000 – 80,000). Emblematic of its time, the intricate design employs a delicate ruby as the body of a miniature bee perched upon a leaf. This enduring interest in nature, for which the house is known for, is representative of early Frédéric Boucheron pieces. Also on offer is the Aquamarine and Diamond ‘Bird’ Brooch by Sterlé Paris that encompasses the tailored style of the 1960s (estimate: HKD 160,000 – 200,000).

20th Century and Contemporary Art and Design Evening Sale, 27 November 2016, 7pm HKT
Jewellery and Jadeite, 28 November 2016, 2:30pm HKT
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The Hong Kong Watch Auction: Three, 29 November, 3pm and 7pm HKT

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